Alice Veglio: Empowering Beauty and Fitness Leader

The Journey of Alice Veglio

Alice Veglio is considered one of the most prominent international personal trainers and women empowerment activists in Italy and internationally. In addition, she has walked down the catwalk at the most important fashion shows and posed all over the world for brands and photographers in prestigious locations such as Paris, Dubai, Rome, Maldives, and Qatar just to give some examples. Her face is known for having presented important events broadcasted nationwide in Italy, having appeared in some of the most famous fashion weeks in the world and in numerous advertising campaigns and music videos including that of The Kolors and Shade in 2018.

From an early age, Alice started to pose for fashion brands for kids, and at the age of 15, she made her model debut in her first fashion show for Vogue. Her CV also includes the role of poster girl for Juventus and Moto GP, until 2014 when she had access to the Miss Italy final, 2016 won second place at Miss International Model, in 2017 again second at Miss Europe, and in the same year Alice won the title of Miss Earth Italy Air in 2017.

In 2019 Alice Veglio reached 2nd place at Miss Multiverse World Finals in Punta Cana: the first beauty, intelligence, fitness, and entrepreneurship competition in the world for 21st century women. Very followed on the web, in 2016 she began a career as a blogger and influencer boasting today over 300,000 followers.

Parallel to the world of entertainment and world-class modeling, Alice has achieved important successes in studies:

Double Italian-French graduation, a degree in Holistic health sciences (top of her class) and a second degree in Economics and Business Management, Certification of Personal Trainer, Nutrition Science degree (Stanford University), life coach international certification, and apprenticeships at prestigious United Nations offices (FAO, WGEO) and Dubai government offices.

Alice was a project assistant and then a sustainability journalist for the government office Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence. She was also the charge of junior project manager for WGEO at the United Nations Office.

In 2018 she launched her Fitness Program counting over 30.000 members in Italy and worldwide just in the first year alone. Alice in her content not only shares high-quality certified information about fitness and health, but she is also fighting hard to empower as many women as possible to reach their own potential. This mission takes its roots in Alice’s childhood when she was diagnosed with a serious and dangerous spinal disease. This ambitious project called “Bright & Fit; Fit Fitness Program” strives to bring to Italy an innovative concept of digital wellness and women empowerment with the first 100% Italian fitness program application available on the major stores Apple and Android.

Alice today is a demanded motivational speaker in women empowerment events, a successful entrepreneur and fitness coach well known for innovating the fitness field, and an international athlete taking part in fitness events and Ironman races. Alice also launched her first book “The Heart and the Diamond” last month becoming an Amazon Italy Bestseller in less than 24 hours.

Bright & Fit Fitness Program Description

Bright & Fit Fitness Program has its roots in the history and life experience of its creator and founder, Alice Veglio.

Alice Veglio, born on July 6th, 1995 in Italy, found herself having to overcome a serious health disease at the age of 13: the diagnosis of a dangerous vertebral rotation that would have forced her to give up physical activity for the rest of her life. Alice has been a ballet dancer since the age of 3 and this diagnosis led her to lose all security and hope in a free and happy future. Alice found herself immobilized with a cast on her back which made her unable to even tie her shoes and, thanks to the help of valid professionals, she managed to avoid undergoing a dangerous operation. Once the plaster was removed from her back, Alice’s mission in life became to study in the best institutions and find valid tools to regain her freedom and be able to move and eliminate the fear of immobility from her life forever. It is for this reason that Alice, together with an Economics and Marketing University degree, has also many certifications in the world of wellness and health: a diploma in holistic sciences for health, specialization in nutrition sciences at Stanford University, diploma of personal trainer, yoga teacher diploma, life coach, and NLP practitioner diploma and specialization in bioenergetic manual techniques.

At the end of her studies, Alice was able to gain the right knowledge to see her body healthy and transformed and finally be able to move without implications for her spine.

This incredible result therefore prompted Alice to desire to share with as many people as possible the method that allowed her to get back in perfect shape, regain confidence and self-esteem, and go beyond the limits she thought to have.

Alice’s double degree in two important fields (economics and health) generated the interest of numerous government offices including Dubai Carbon and the Dubai government office dedicated to a green economy, in which Alice worked firstly as a project assistant and then as a Sustainability Journalist and then the WGEO office of the United Nations. Alice started working in the United Nations WGEO Dubai office at the young age of 23, holding the role of Junior Project Manager. Despite the great gratifications received in these important organizations, Alice increasingly felt the need to be able to make her own contribution to the world and not leave aside the method that had transformed her health and body in the previous years.

It is therefore for this reason that Alice officially launched her first start-up in January 2019 in the United Arab Emirates dedicated to holistic fitness and female empowerment which today has more than 45,000 women registered and in its first 2 years has reached over 1 million dollars in turnover: Bright & Fit.

Bright & Fit is the first online Holistic Fitness program with medical certification in Italy. Today Bright & Fit has its modern and technological native app available in Apple and Google store that allows women from all over the world to have everything they need to stay fit and happy within one click. Bright & Fit is not just a fitness program, it is a personal transformation tool that aims to help women redesign their perception of their limits and help them through home fitness, mindset exercises, and nutritional advice to regain self-esteem and a better quality of life. In December 2023 Alice launched also a life coaching academy “Brighter Me Academy” to help women achieve the best life coaching tools and the best version of themselves in any area of their lives by overcoming limiting beliefs and fears. Brighter Me Academy is the first life coaching online program for women empowerment in Italy.

Bright &Fit since September 2022 is also a coaching academy and learning company in which healthcare professionals and personal trainers can receive a full learning experience and improve their knowledge with Alice’s Holistic approach from December 2023 Alice will launch her innovative life coach academy for women empowerment. Alice is also leading a group of Health Professionals that provides a high-quality and customized Bright & Fit Program experience to all members. Bright & Fit is a company created by a woman for women with the deep desire to allow even those who have little time available, those who cannot train in the gym, and those who do not have fitness equipment available, to be able to train with the best results in 15-30 minutes a day without the need for equipment and just by using their smartphone.

Today Bright & Fit has more than 25 members in its team entirely dedicated to the project and the incredible results achieved by the users of the program have led numerous magazines and television channels to talk about Alice, including Forbes Italia, Forbes India, RAI 3, La print, Thrive Global, Yahoo finance, California Herald, London Daily Post…

Alice in November 2021 was called on the stage of WomenXImpact, one of the most important events of entrepreneurship and female empowerment at an international level, as a successful case study for the world of female empowerment, and in December 2022 she won the healthcare leadership award in Dubai during the international event Health 2.0, in march 2023 Alice will be on the stage of Health 2.0 In Las Vegas as a speaker and representative of excellence in her field. Alice received many other international awards such as:

Outstanding Leadership Award, Health 2.0 Conference Dubai, December 2022 Women Fitness January 2023 Cover page World’s 10 Visionary Leaders to Follow 2022 (World’s Leaders magazine) Cover Page Success Knocks, march 2022 The 10 most inspiring businesswomen to follow in 2022 (Success Pitchers Magazine) Insight Success cover page, March 2022 CIO GLOBAL, the Top 10 Promising Businesswomen to Watch, 2023 Top 10 World’s Visionary Leaders 2022 and top 10 inspiring women by Success Pitchers Magazine CIO MEDIA, Top women in power: driving change and innovation in business 2023 CIO GLOBAL, Top Influential Women in Fitness 2023

Alice Veglio Mission

“My greatest ambition in my everyday life is to be able to make a concrete difference and make my effective contribution to the life of women regardless of their physical, geographical, and social condition. My main goal is to allow people to live better, reconsider their potential, and become aware that anything is possible in life. This vision characterizes every innovation and initiative in the company. It’s for that reason that in June 2021 we started an important charity project called Bright &Fit Cares through which we offer concrete help to women with physical or social difficulties. Our first initiative was to support ANDOS, one of the most important breast cancer prevention and treatment organizations in Italy.

Two main factors have always pushed me to do better and innovate the traditional fitness sector: my story and feedback from the first users.

First of all, my story, my prescribed destiny to immobility, and my ability now to become an entrepreneur and also an Ironman 70.3 athlete allow me to demonstrate every day that it is possible to overcome any limit. My transformation gives me the strength and the desire to share all this with others and allow as many women as possible to transform into the best version of themselves. Secondly, the exceptional results obtained from the beginning by my students are the greatest form of recognition that I could wish for. Seeing transformed women and families is priceless and makes me realize every day the value of my contribution to the world of fitness and health.

Instead, what apparently pushed me back in the last period was a heart disease caused by a viral COVID-19 infection: viral pericarditis. In the middle of my athletic preparation for the Ironman 70.3, I was forced to relive the traumas of the past and be forced to stop my athletic training. My positivity and determination allowed me unexpectedly after 6 months to recover completely and return to the best physical shape ever using the Bright & Fit method. What has therefore been a great difficulty in recent months has in fact now been converted into my greatest strength and belief that nothing can stop a positive and determined mind.”

The company is undergoing a continuous transformation day after day in order to always offer the best standards in terms of quality, efficiency, and technology. Less than 4 years ago the company was composed only of a team of 3 people, 10 active users, and 1 website today we have a team of more than 25 people with 45,000 active users, a native app, and an increased turnover of 200% per year. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, the company felt the need to increase productivity both in terms of the number of staff dedicated to the project and in terms of technology. We invest every day to offer the best quality content, the highest levels of technology (we implemented AI in July into our app to improve customer experience and offer new innovative tools to stay fit) in our app, and the maximum level of support for each person that uses our service to have the most beautiful transformation and growth experience of their life.

“There is no day for me without study and training. In my busy daily routine, I never fail to dedicate at least 2 hours of my time to study and experimentation. I invest in acquiring the best skills from the best experts in the medical sector, I continue to study in the best institutions and I experiment with every single component of the program: my participation in the Ironman 70.3 with the Bright & Fit method constitutes a good example.”

Numerous parameters are used every day to evaluate the improvements of the company. Even before the turnover and the number of registered users, we strive every day to determine the number of satisfied users. Having a 98% Customer Satisfaction Rate makes us extremely proud and happy. The number of registered users has been on the rise since the first day of activity, our social communities have more and more registered members and in December 2021 we reached more than 35,000 registered users.

Knowing how to manage time is a fundamental skill to have a happy and successful life. Since my university years in which I worked and attended two universities at the same time, I felt the need to learn how to manage my time in the best possible way. Especially now, time management for me is not only synonymous with being a good trainer but also being able to be an entrepreneur, an athlete, a student, a wife, a coach, and a point of reference for those who follow me all at the same time. I think the most significant example of my time management skills is what I am doing now. In order to complete the preparation for Ironman 70.3 I need at least 15 hours of training per week and together with all this I have to dedicate at least 9 hours of work a day to my company and in the remaining hours I want to give the best of myself to relatives and friends. It may seem apparently difficult to do all this but in my opinion, the secret is to be organized and make sure you get a good quality of sleep: it does not matter how many hours we sleep but how well we sleep. From the age of 16, I have been implementing meditation practices to be able to have a regenerating sleep. I also strongly believe in the power of the morning routine. In the first two hours after waking up, I always dedicate myself to the most important tasks and carry out all the activities that I would not be able to include during the day.

The meaning of success for me is being able to make a difference in the world, being able to leave a small contribution to improve people's quality of life. Success in my specific case is to fight every day to show, even through my life story and experience, that there are no limits and that every woman has infinite potential to be everything in life. Success for me is to help as many women as possible believe in themselves and acquire the tools to live life fully and with satisfaction. I fight for female empowerment, I fight to implement the traditional fitness sector with the best technologies and tools and use them to help women around the world become the best version of themselves. Success for me is doing all of this in conjunction with a life where I struggle every day to be a better person and example for others.

I consider good customer service as prompt, informed, and always present support for customers. We invest every day to have a team of trained coaches and technicians ready to respond 24/7 to all requests and questions. Furthermore, customer support is not only limited to technical issues as our customer service has the skills to emotionally support women in every moment of their transformation journey and is ready to motivate them and never make them feel alone. We use a WhatsApp number and a telephone channel to be able to speak at any time with a trained operator, interactive Zoom calls to guide users within the program, support via email, a live chat both within the app and on the site and we respond to messages on each of our social channels. In the Facebook community, we also organize live Q&A sessions.

I love to see Alice in the next few years at the top of her career as an athlete, coach, and entrepreneur. I would like to see Alice as a successful athlete who, despite the difficulties that life has presented her, was able to recover and come back stronger than before. I love to see Alice close to more and more women and capable of continuing to transform the lives of thousands of women for the better. I want to see Alice in the future as an agent of change in the world of female fitness and women's empowerment. This new year Bright & Fit is involved in new exciting projects including the launch of the first movie/documentary about my life and more live events with thousands of women from all over Italy and the rest of the world We work every day to ensure that Bright & Fit increasingly becomes a company capable of representing innovation and quality and making a difference in the world of online fitness.

I believe that the only limit for a woman as a leader is the limits imposed by the environment around us. Since we were children we were asked what we wanted to do when we grew up, thus suggesting that we can be only one thing (just a wife or just an entrepreneur, or just an athlete ..). However, what many do not consider is that we can be everything! A woman can be a caring mother, a loving wife, a successful entrepreneur, and a performing athlete all at the same time! Stereotypes are the real obstacle to the success of many women. It is for this reason that my company and my daily mission is to demonstrate that we must not give up on our dreams and that every woman can be anything she wants to be in this life.