Organon and Partners Strengthen Commitment to Women’s Health and Gender Equity on International Women's Day

Bangkok, Thailand, March 12, 2024 - Organon, in partnership with the Kenan Foundation Asia, King Prajadhipok's Institute, the US Embassy Bangkok, the Department of Health, and the Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, reaffirmed their dedication to promoting "A Shared Commitment for Women's Health and Gender Equity in an International Women’s Day ceremony on March 8, 2024." This partnership has the power to translate policy into action, fostering substantial transformation and empowerment in Thailand in 2024 and beyond.

Globally, millions of women lack essential healthcare services, particularly in reproductive and maternal care, perpetuating cycles of poverty and inequality. Last year's APEC Health Week Working Group meeting addressed challenges like declining birth rates and unplanned pregnancies affecting 17 out of 21 APEC economies. This year's ongoing partnership continues this focus, aiming to tackle evolving health priorities for women, crucial for Thailand's economy and social structure. These issues not only impact population dynamics but also have long-term implications for the economy and workforce in Thailand. Overcoming these challenges requires a supportive social ecosystem that promotes smart family planning and collaboration from all sectors.

Mr. Robert F. Godec, the US Ambassador to Thailand, set the collaborative tone for the event by offering examples of enduring and sustainable alliances forged to advance gender equity through equality strategies. In his speech, he discussed various initiatives the US Mission in Thailand has undertaken in cooperation with local organizations to support Thai women. “These initiatives underscore how our differences make our shared tapestry all the more colorful, and the threads connecting us stronger. So much more can be done by working together through alliances such as these, to promote greater equality and equity for women,” said Ambassador Godec.

The subsequent panel discussion at the event delved deeper into collaborations to promote women’s health and quality births. Dr. Tavida Kamolvej, Deputy Governor of Bangkok, outlined challenges related to red tape, cultural differences, and data governance in promoting healthcare access. She stressed the importance of policy customization, the pivotal role of health volunteers and teachers, and the need for cross-sector collaborations, with the public sector acting as an enabler. “We have to be the person who enables the process of working together or reaching out to the public. The word public doesn’t just mean public organizations. Communities are also part of the public. Basically, we must be an enabler who, when faced with regulations, understand how to make them flexible and strike a balance," said Dr. Tavida before calling for key stakeholders to trust one another in driving effective change and collective actions.

TDr. Bunyarit Sukrat, Director of the Bureau of Reproductive Health, Department of Health, Ministry of Public Health of Thailand called for cooperation among the public, private, and civil society sectors. Although deeming legislative measures and financial mechanisms as powerful tools for promoting reproductive health, Dr. Bunyarit acknowledged their limitations in promoting quality births. He noted the complexities of altering gender roles within families and its correlation with the total fertility rate (TFR) in Thailand and other Asian countries, emphasizing the imperative for collaborative efforts to navigate these challenges. “If family responsibilities are shared by both men and women, it could potentially address the challenge of the very low TFR in Thailand. And to do this, we need the help and support from various stakeholders across sectors,” said Dr. Bunyarit.

Noha Salem, Head of Organon’s Global Women’s Health Policy emphasized the importance of co-creation and a whole-of-society approach, noting the need to work across sectors, involve women in solution creation, and include men and boys in equality conversations. Noha also spotlighted the role of the private sector in leading change, stating, “Data says that women will put their needs last. They will put their families first. They will put their children first. So on International Women's Day, we give that day off to all 10,000 founders across the world to prioritize their health and the health of women in their lives”. Externally, Organon’s "Her Plan is Her Power" global initiative drives community-led responses and collective action to reduce unplanned pregnancies, empowering women and girls to plan their futures. With a pledge to provide 100 million women and girls with effective contraception and prevent 120 million unplanned pregnancies worldwide by 2030, the company has now surpassed the halfway mark, reaching 54 million women and preventing 64 million unintended pregnancies. Through this 3-year, $30 million investment, Organon addresses barriers and inequities that perpetuate unplanned pregnancies on a global scale. Within the framework of “Her Plan is Her Power”, Organon has awarded a grant to the Kenan Foundation Asia to launch "Smart Family Life Planning in Action" with a focus on empowering vulnerable women in Thailand. The project targets female factory and migrant workers in Rayong and Samut Prakan, enhancing their knowledge and skills while fostering an ecosystem conducive to their engagement in smart family life planning. Moreover, it contributes to national-level policy transformations to promote smart families. On this International Women's Day, Organon and its partners stand resolute in their dedication to advancing women's health and fostering gender equality. Through concerted efforts, they underscore the imperative of empowering women in Thailand and beyond. As we mark this day celebrating the achievements and contributions of women globally, it's essential to recognize the pivotal role women play in shaping our societies and economies. By promoting gender equity strategies, women's health and empowerment, and informed family planning, these efforts contribute to building healthier women, healthier families, and a healthier society.

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