Empowering Conversations Over Tea: Inspiring Stories of Resilience, Growth, and Global Impact at Miss Liz’s Teatimes..

Cornwall, Ontario, Canada – January 23rd, 2024 – This February, Miss Liz’s Teatimes is set to deliver a powerful blend of Transformation Education and Awareness, featuring inspiring stories from 12 individuals across the globe. The teatimes will span across Canada, the USA, and Western Australia, creating an international platform for sharing stories of resilience, personal growth, and empowerment.

Teatime Schedule:

Thursdays at 3pm EST and 7pm EST 

Highlighted Teatime Speakers:

Feb. 1st, 3pm EST: Richard Kaufman presents “A Hero’s Journey: From Darkness To Light,” sharing his personal story of overcoming addictions in the USA.

Feb. 1st, 7pm EST: John E. McGlothin, from the Army JAG Corps and author of “How To Deal with Damn Near Anything,” shares insights from his remarkable journey in the USA.

Feb. 4th, 3pm EST: Melissa Deally, representing Girl Matters Non-Profit in Canada, tackles breaking the poverty cycle, one girl, one family, one village at a time, in a surprise teatime. Join here.

Feb. 8th, 3pm EST: Kelly Daugherty discusses “The Grief Experience: Tools for Acceptance, Resilience & Connection Anthology” in the USA.

Feb. 8th, 7pm EST: Paul Marwood, author of “Soul Love” and founder of Solution Meditations, shares insights from Western Australia.

Feb. 15th, 3pm EST: Jeff Higgins shares “Struggles and Summits,” life stories in the USA.

Feb. 15th, 7pm EST: Glenda Benevides, founder of Global Badass Goddess, discusses the courage of who she is in the USA. 

Feb. 22nd, 3pm EST: Tony Lynch, author of “Relentless: Empowering Stories of Overcoming Adversity,” presents “My Hardest Battle, My Unseen Blessing” in the USA.

Feb. 22nd, 7pm EST: Jeff Tiegs, founder of Skull Games, with Michal Block as a special guest, explores hunting predators, identifying and interdicting traffickers, and empowering communities in the USA and Canada. 

Feb. 29th, 3pm EST: James Fry (Jimi Fritz) shares his life story of being a drug dealer in Canada.

Feb. 29th, 7pm EST: Dr. Katherine Hayes discusses “Leading From The Heart To Win People’s Hearts” in the USA.

Miss Liz, the founder of Miss Liz’s Teatimes, expressed her vision to bring awareness to the diverse and impactful topics presented by the speakers. “Our goal is to open doors of education, services, and social justice initiatives globally,” she stated.

For more information, visit http://www.misslizsteatimes.com.

About Miss Liz’s Teatimes:

Miss Liz’s Teatimes is a global platform that brings together diverse voices to share inspirational stories, foster education, and promote social justice. Through engaging teatime sessions, Miss Liz aims to create awareness and open avenues for positive change on a global scale.

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