Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy: Navigating the Intersection of Tech and Beauty


Empowering Women Through Leadership!

In the modern landscape of technology and education, a transformative journey is underway, marked by innovation and empowerment. This journey encompasses a vision to revolutionize learning experiences and bridge educational gaps through cutting-edge technology solutions. At its core lies a commitment to fostering inclusivity and driving positive change on a global scale.

Leading this visionary mission is a notable figure whose achievements transcend boundaries and inspire countless individuals worldwide. Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy, CEO of a pioneering tech company, brings a wealth of experience and a relentless passion for leveraging technology for educational empowerment. Her journey reflects a seamless integration of diverse experiences, from modeling to technology leadership, guided by a steadfast commitment to making a meaningful impact.

At the helm of this groundbreaking endeavor stands IFQ Technologies, a Center of Excellence for New Age technology. Committed to innovation and research, IFQ embarks on a global expansion journey, forging strategic partnerships and establishing itself as a significant player on the global tech stage. With a focus on next-generation education and a customer-centric approach, IFQ aims to create a future where technology transforms lives and empowers individuals to reach their full potential.

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Transformative Journey

Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy, a notable figure, has embarked on an intriguing journey marked by remarkable achievements. Commencing her career as a successful model, she eventually ascended to the position of CEO at IFQ Technologies, shaping a narrative characterized by determination, innovation, and significant influence.

Transitioning from her initial success in the modeling industry, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy seamlessly integrated her experiences into the realm of technology. She concurrently engaged with prestigious technology firms such as Microsoft, VMware, EMC, HP, GEMS Education, and Finesse, assuming roles in both tech and management. Her background in the fashion world provided her with insights into creativity, aesthetics, and effective visual communication, facilitating her mission to advocate for technology, innovation, and change on a global scale.

Driven by her belief in a guiding principle—"Be Passionate at your Profession and Be Professional at your Passion”—Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy redirected her focus toward education and technology. Her academic background coupled with her fervent enthusiasm for leveraging technology for positive change propelled her into a new professional trajectory.

At the helm of IFQ Technologies, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy leads a dynamic team committed to harnessing technology for educational empowerment. The company is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that enhance learning experiences, thereby making education more accessible to all.

Her journey intertwines with the burgeoning ed-tech revolution, wherein Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy recognizes the transformative potential of technology in bridging educational gaps and fostering inclusivity. Under her leadership, IFQ Technologies embodies this commitment to leveraging technology for the betterment of education.

Remaining at the forefront of technological exploration, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy actively engages with cutting-edge advancements such as the Metaverse. She envisions this digital universe as a catalyst for revolutionizing education, transcending physical boundaries, and promoting inclusivity.

Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy's narrative serves as a source of inspiration for countless individuals, including students, educators, and entrepreneurs. Her journey exemplifies resilience, adaptability, and a relentless pursuit of meaningful impact.

Earning esteemed titles such as Her Excellency and Ambassador, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy's dedication to education, technology, and global collaboration is widely acknowledged. As an ambassador, she represents innovation, inclusivity, and progress on an international platform, inspiring positive change and empowering future generations.

Possessing a Doctorate Degree in the field of AI and Tech, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy's journey from a successful model to the CEO of IFQ Technologies and an ambassador for the Diplomatic Mission for Global Peace underscores her commitment to making education accessible worldwide. Her dedication aligns with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), reflecting her vision for leveraging technology for educational empowerment and her philanthropic contributions toward improving lives worldwide. Her legacy extends far beyond titles, embodying the positive impact she creates through her unwavering commitment to education and technological advancement.

Harmonizing Technology, Beauty, and Purpose

Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy's journey is a harmonious blend of technology, beauty, and purpose—a tapestry woven with experiences and aspirations that reflect her unwavering commitment to education, innovation, and positive impact.

As an AI technology expert, Isha's mission is to democratize education, envisioning a world where every child, regardless of circumstances, has access to quality learning experiences. She leverages technology as her ally, championing innovation that transcends borders across various industries such as Agriculture & Sustainability, Health & Wellness, Defense-Safety & Surveillance, Art and Entertainment, and Banking-Finance & Insurance.

Her time as a beauty queen instilled invaluable lessons in confidence, presentation, and self-expression—skills that transcend pageantry and serve as essential qualities of leadership. Isha understands the power of aesthetics, infusing beauty into functionality whether designing an app interface or curating an educational module. Her runway experience not only taught her grace but also instilled the confidence to engage with diverse audiences, connecting with millions with ease.

Innovation and adaptability are central to Isha's journey. Embracing change, she navigates through life's twists and turns, knowing that innovation flourishes at the intersection of curiosity and courage. Open to new technological advancements, she remains flexible and responsive to evolving landscapes.

With a global lens, Isha draws upon her experiences on international stages to inform her decisions. In boardrooms and brainstorming sessions, she considers cross-cultural nuances, recognizing that empathy and understanding transcend borders in a connected world.

Driven by purpose, Isha's leadership extends beyond accolades. Her heart beats for social impact, viewing education not just as a profession but as a calling. She measures success not only in profits but also in lives touched, guided by purpose-driven leadership toward meaningful endeavors.

Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy's journey can be defined as a symphony of bytes and beauty, algorithms and aspirations, weaving together her passion for technology, her grace as a beauty queen, and her commitment to making a positive difference in the world.

Embracing Purpose

Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy reflects on an extraordinary journey that transcends the realm of beauty pageantry. Rooted in purpose and driven by a deep-seated belief in the power of beauty beyond aesthetics, her path was marked by notable milestones, notably being the first candidate to represent a Muslim Nation at International Pageantry in 2019 at Mrs. Universe.

Her titles, including Mrs. UAE United Nations and Mrs. Universe Middle East, serve as more than mere adornments; they are platforms for advocacy. Through these roles, she champions causes close to her heart, such as education, inclusive education, technology, and women’s rights. For Isha, purpose-driven leadership is synonymous with impact—whether it’s witnessing a child’s excitement while learning through digital platforms or supporting women affected by domestic violence and child abuse. She endeavors to implement technology solutions to ensure the safety and security of women and children in her country and beyond.

Isha dismantles misconceptions surrounding beauty pageants, emphasizing their transformative nature. Beyond sashes and tiaras, pageantry fosters self-discovery and confidence. As Mrs. Universe Middle East, she forged connections with women from diverse backgrounds, enriching her global perspective. Today, those shared moments inform her strategies in technology and advocacy for women’s empowerment. She recognizes empathy as the bridge that spans continents, granting her a voice, identity, and purpose.

In both her roles as a beauty queen and a tech entrepreneur, Isha leverages beauty as a language to captivate attention and convey purpose. Whether presenting ideas to investors or designing app interfaces, she understands the power of aesthetics in communication.

While the crowns may now rest in velvet boxes, Isha’s purpose continues to burn brightly. Whether in boardrooms or on virtual stages, she leads with unwavering determination to effect change—one algorithm, one conversation, one heart at a time. Beyond mere titles, she believes in the lasting impact one creates in the wo

Navigating Challenges

In her multifaceted journey encompassing roles as a technologist, entrepreneur, and beauty queen, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy finds that the skills and lessons learned continue to shape her leadership as CEO.

In the dynamic world of the Art and Fashion Industry, nerves often intertwine like ribbons backstage. Yet, when the spotlight illuminates, confidence must radiate. Transitioning from the runway to the boardroom, Isha upholds this principle: Confidence serves as her guiding light. Amidst the ebbs and flows of the market and pivotal strategic decisions, she stands resolute, understanding that belief propels action.

Drawing from the resilience of her pageant days, Isha approaches challenges with grace and determination. Whether facing a product launch setback or navigating through a global crisis, she adopts the mindset of a beauty queen: straighten the spine, adjust the tiara, and forge ahead. As a CEO, she defines success not solely by financial gains but also by the positive impact on individuals' lives. For Isha, purpose-driven leadership transcends personal accolades; it leaves behind enduring imprints of change.

Recognizing challenges as an ongoing journey, Isha emphasizes the importance of resilience and adaptability. In her view, success is not merely avoiding challenges but rather swiftly overcoming them. She remains prepared to confront unexpected obstacles at any juncture of life's trajectory, understanding that resilience is the hallmark of true success.

Blending Passions

Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy's journey isn't merely a transition; it's a harmonious fusion of passions—technology, beauty, and purpose.

From her formative years, Isha felt drawn to the enchantment of technology—the way it molds our world, fosters connections and unravels complex puzzles. While technology remained her foremost passion, she pursued parallel tracks in modeling, acting, and entertainment. Renowned in the television industry as an anchor and a trained classical dancer, she also ventured into painting, and singing, and even took on leading roles in regional and Bollywood films. As a producer, she established IFQ International Productions, contributing to the vibrant landscape of Indian cinema. Yet, amidst her varied pursuits, Isha pondered a deeper question: How could her fame and celebrity status be harnessed for the greater good? This introspection ignited her mission to utilize her visibility as a catalyst for societal change.

In her role as CEO of IFQ Technologies, Isha juggles multiple responsibilities. Beauty and technology intersect in the realm of innovation, where she crafts solutions akin to an artist painting on canvas. Her artistic sensibility permeates user interfaces, infusing them with elegance. At IFQ, technology isn't merely functional—it's imbued with heart. Whether developing educational or healthcare platforms, empathy serves as their guiding principle. Drawing from the multicultural ethos of her native UAE, where diverse nationalities coexist in peace and harmony, Isha fosters international collaborations enriched by cultural understanding. Isha holds steadfast to the belief that while crowns may fade, purpose endures. As a CEO, she doesn't solely measure success in revenue but also in the lives impacted by IFQ's tech innovations. From facilitating accessible education to promoting sustainable practices, IFQ Technologies strives to address pressing societal needs, leaving a lasting legacy of positive change.

Harmonizing Tech and Fashion

Balancing her tech career with her journey in the Art-Fashion Industry has been an exhilarating ride for Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy. Recognizing time as her most valuable asset, she adopts a meticulous approach to time management. With a policy of giving 100% in everything she does, she immerses herself fully in her focus tasks, leveraging her innate multitasking abilities. Following the urgent-important matrix throughout her day, she allocates time not only as an entrepreneur and public figure but also as a family person, and artist, and for learning and exploration. Accustomed to wearing multiple hats since her school and university days, Isha excels in managing diverse platforms and ensuring success in all her endeavors. The synergy between tech and fashion is evident in Isha's journey, with her expertise in both areas complementing each other. For example, she explores virtual fashion shows using AI-generated avatars, highlighting the intersection of the metaverse and fashion. Beginning her day at 5:30 in the morning, Isha prioritizes her spiritual well-being. Whether through prayers, meditation sessions, or moments of deep breathing, she finds grounding and essential moments for recharging and refocusing.

Navigating the Future

IFQ Technologies positions itself as a Center of Excellence for New Age technology, committed to maintaining a leading edge in continuous innovation and technological trends. The team at IFQ Technologies embraces ongoing learning, unlearning, and adapting to changes, fostering collective growth alongside technological evolution and industrial advancement. They demonstrate agility in adapting swiftly to changes, utilizing new tools and methodologies to enhance their products and services. For instance, in the AI technology domain, developing a Proof of Concept (POC) typically requires 3 to 6 months. However, given the rapid evolution of technology, by the time the POC concludes, the landscape may have shifted, necessitating an agile approach to stay competitive in the market. IFQ Technologies adheres to the belief that individual efforts alone cannot secure victory; rather, success is achieved collectively within an ecosystem. Trust forms the cornerstone of their ecosystem, encompassing partners, collaborators, industry leaders, vendors, research institutions, governments, and other industry players. Through strong relationships with experts, they gain valuable insights into emerging technologies and potential applications. IFQ Technologies envisions itself as a leading New Age Tech company with global establishment within the next three years. Their focus remains on the future, with consideration for aspects relevant to future generations. Innovation labs are established to foster experimentation with novel ideas and technologies, while regular hackathons encourage creative problem-solving and exploration of unconventional solutions. Trends are closely monitored, evaluating their relevance and feasibility for integration. Resource allocation to research and development (R&D) initiatives is a priority, with operations currently based in India, while the UAE entity serves as a Business Development Hub for the global market. R&D efforts drive product enhancements, ensuring IFQ Technologies stays ahead of the curve. Embracing AI as a game changer, they foresee its integration across major industries, emphasizing early adoption as a strategic imperative. AI is viewed as an indispensable tool, paving the way for future advancements.

Empowering Women Leaders in the Middle East

In the Middle East, organizations recognize the multifaceted leadership qualities of women, which foster innovation, collaboration, and sustainable growth. It remains imperative to advocate for gender diversity and cultivate an inclusive environment where all talents can flourish. UAE's supportive policies have paved the way for more women to assume leadership positions, motivating and providing opportunities for them to redefine C-suite and entrepreneurial leadership with innovative ideas and a commitment to positive change. Dubai stands out as a global center within a 4,110 km^2 radius, offering world-class living standards and being hailed as the safest place for women, thanks to its liberal environment—a distinction unmatched elsewhere. As the only country with a Minister for AI, the UAE embraces innovation, technology, and creative ideas. Dubai, renowned for pioneering endeavors, spares no effort in supporting and enabling success for those with the content and determination to excel. Recognizing the distinctive strengths and valuable perspectives women bring to leadership roles, particularly in a diverse region like the Middle East, is essential. Their inclusive approach ensures decisions are well-informed, considering various viewpoints. Juggling multiple roles, from career to family and community involvement, enhances their ability to prioritize effectively, manage time, and maintain work-life balance—an indispensable skill for leaders. Women in C-suite positions consistently prove their worth. Encouraging more women entrepreneurs to emerge in the next five years is a priority, and every effort will be made to support this sisterhood.

Empowering Women: Creating an Inclusive Workplace

IFQ Technologies has a distinctive opportunity to cultivate an inclusive and supportive environment conducive to the growth and advancement of women leaders. Aligned with the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, IFQ Technologies focuses on four key areas: Gender Equality Quality Education Good Health Climate Action Ensuring a safe team environment where all members feel respected and valued is paramount. The company actively encourages women to take up leadership roles and strives for their representation at all organizational levels, recognizing the importance of diverse leadership. Implementing training programs addressing unconscious bias is a priority, with participation mandatory for all employees, including leaders. Such programs aid in recognizing and mitigating biases, fostering inclusivity in the workplace. IFQ Technologies adopts women-friendly policies to support work-life balance, including provisions for parental leave, flexible working hours, and childcare facilities, benefiting both men and women while fostering inclusivity. Additionally, the company provides comfortable workplaces for women, offering work-from-home options during maternity to reduce travel time and risks for pregnant employees. Facilities such as feeding rooms cater to the health needs of breastfeeding mothers upon their return to the office. In-house counselors and mindfulness programs are available to assist women in managing stress, overcoming hormonal changes, and maintaining a healthy work-life balance. Furthermore, free healthcare and routine checkups are provided to women employees. Through the active implementation of these strategies, IFQ Technologies aims to create an environment where women leaders thrive, make significant contributions, and drive organizational success.

Empowering Women

As a pioneering entrepreneur and tech expert, Dr. Isha Farha Quraishy has navigated the dynamic landscape of the tech industry with privilege and challenge. She is deeply passionate about empowering fellow women to excel in this field. Recognizing women as a blessed creation with innate multitasking abilities, she emphasizes the importance of instilling independence in girls from a young age. Highlighting the common dilemma faced by women between marriage and career, she advocates for prioritizing one's career path for greater personal fulfillment and respect. In her view, technology presents an ideal profession for women, offering remarkable convenience with remote work options and continuous growth opportunities. She encourages women to embrace failures as learning experiences and to cultivate resilience as a secret weapon on the entrepreneurial journey. Isha urges for a redefinition of entrepreneurship, emphasizing inclusivity and support from both genders. She believes in igniting self-confidence in every woman and encourages them to speak up, negotiate, and advocate for their ideas confidently. In her vision, the tech sector is no longer dominated by men, and she calls for more sisterhood to embrace technology and thrive together, showcasing unique talents and seizing opportunities for success.

Driving Innovation: A Vision for the Future

Isha envisions a future where the company thrives and innovates, positioning itself as a leading AI company worldwide within the next five years. The trust serves as the cornerstone of IFQ's existence in the ecosystem, priding itself on being a reliable partner for its customers. Operating as a Center of Excellence for New Age technology, IFQ prioritizes innovation and research, underpinned by a scalable approach to the tech landscape. The company is deeply committed to cutting-edge research and development, exploring emerging technologies such as artificial intelligence, blockchain, and quantum computing, with the ultimate goal of creating groundbreaking solutions to tackle real-world challenges. Globally, IFQ Technologies aims to expand its footprint, experiencing growth in the Middle East, India, and Africa. The strategic vision includes establishing partnerships in the US and UK, opening new offices in key markets, and fostering collaboration with international organizations, aspiring to be recognized as a significant player on the global tech stage. Moreover, IFQ strongly believes in Next Generation Education, focusing on establishing educational institutions equipped with cutting-edge Ed-tech capabilities and providing skills training. The aim is to bridge the gap for 60 million children lacking access to education while addressing the employment needs of the upcoming generation through skill-based training programs. Internally, within IFQ, priority is given to skill development, mentorship initiatives, and cultivating a culture of innovation. A Customer-Centric Approach serves as another pivotal success factor for IFQ. The company actively listens to its customers, understanding their needs from their perspective. Rather than merely selling a platform, IFQ focuses on providing problem-solving solutions tailored to their requirements. The commitment extends beyond the transaction, aiming to build lasting relationships by continuously adapting solutions, meeting needs, and delivering exceptional service. Ultimately, at IFQ Technologies, the goal is to be a trusted partner, ensuring that clients' success is intertwined with the company's own.